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Retailer reveals Radeon RX 6600 GPU, another card you probably won’t be able to buy

People hoping to get their hands on an affordable graphics card may soon have one more new model to try for—a pulled retailer listing spotted by the GPU enthusiast site VideoCardz seems to confirm the existence of an AMD Radeon RX 6600 GPU. The RX 6600 is a midrange GPU that will slot in under the $379 RX 6600XT in AMD’s lineup, and the site claims it will be available on October 13.

By themselves, we don’t put a lot of stock in retailer listings, since they can be speculative placeholders rather than a confirmation that a given product is being launched. But this one came complete with box art and photos of the card, which confirms that it will come with 8GB of GDDR6 memory, and, like the RX 6600 XT, it will be sold primarily as a 1080p card. The GPU is said to include 1,792 of AMD’s Stream Processors, compared to 2,048 on the RX 6600 XT, while retaining the same 128-bit memory interface as the XT.

A single 8-pin power connector, three DisplayPorts, and a single HDMI port are also visible in the photos, and the card’s short length will make it one of the few modern GPUs suitable for small-form-factor PC builds. What the listing doesn’t tell us is what the GPU will cost; the listed price of 589.90 euro works out to about $690 in US dollars, at least twice as high as we think the card’s official price is likely to be.

We weren’t especially impressed with the RX 6600XT when we reviewed it back in August, based on its middling performance and relatively high MSRP. But the ongoing graphics card shortage has made “MSRP” mean even less than it normally does, and for people struggling to find a GPU to complete a new build or upgrade an old one, the best graphics card you can buy is the one that you can actually find. Regardless of its performance, the RX 6600 is likely to sell out nearly instantaneously just like every other GPU released in 2021.

If there’s a silver lining to the GPU shortage—and that’s a big if—it’s that AMD and Nvidia both seem to be paying a bit more attention to their previous-generation cards than they normally do. Earlier this month, AMD released a driver update that added support for the Smart Access Memory feature to older RX 5000-series cards, giving a small but noticeable performance boost in many games to anyone with a reasonably modern CPU and motherboard. And Nvidia recently announced that 28 more games would be taking advantage of its impressive DLSS upscaling feature, which boosts framerates at high resolutions with minimal loss of detail and quality.

Listing image by VideoCardz



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