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Meet Nikki Canady-Boyd

Nikki is a teacher, preacher, servant, pastor, entrepreneur and author who is passionate about helping others pursue their destiny and purpose. Nikki realizes that the enthusiasm and love for people has made her an inspiration to so many, and for this cause, she is determined to serve God and his people. She has traveled extensively across the country for a number of years, she found her passion for helping young men & women with her similar backgrounds. Pastor Nikki’s heart goes out to abused women, young ladies, and teen mothers. Lives have been changed through her ministry as she allows the Lord to unmask her, while sharing real life issues, and relate them to the Word of God allowing deliverance to take place.

You can also listen to Nikki’s podcast called Destiny & Purpose, it’s available on all podcast platforms. Stay connected at Connect with NIKKI CANADY-BOYD at


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