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Meet Shari Thornes

Shari Thornes is a Author, Serial Entrepreneur, Brand Developer, ​Mentor, Certified Life Coach, ​Global Networker, Business Coach, and affectionately known as the Six Figure Felon.

Shari was born and raised in Jacksonville Florida. A graduate of Florida State College of Jacksonville. Shari is the founder and CEO of Her of Household Enterprises and Rush Hour Cosmetics. She is a Serial Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Certified Professional Life Coach, and Mentor.
She is recently divorced after being married for 8 years. She happily co-parents their four children with her ex-husband.
Growing up, Shari was filled with anger and fear.
How does a child tell her mother she’s bleeding but doesn’t have her period?
Being afraid to speak up and speak out led to a life full of emotions, dangerous decisions, and unapologetic behavior.
Drug Overdoses, Domestic Violence, Prostitution, and having a child with Autism eventually became her reality.
Going back to school to receive her GED was the first step to her new life. Once she walked across the stage to receive her first-degree, it was the motivation she needed to fight to live.
Becoming successful was her top priority! Connect with Shari Thornes at


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